Pinnacle: Re-Brand


Pinnacle are proud to reveal our new logo and re-brand. Whilst our existing logos were very well recognised and well established, we felt the time had come for change as they no longer effectively communicate the essence of our organisation as they stand today. We wanted to create an image that better reflected our professional, collaborative and innovative group of brands.


Our re-branding is the result of months of work. This work included research, design and examining our future direction.

Branding is so much more than a logo or slogan. A brand is the total of everything a customer sees, hears and experiences about an organisation. We began this project with a brand review that identified who we were as an organisation, what we wanted to be and how we wanted to portray ourselves. What we discovered was that one of our greatest strengths was the fact that we were actually a group of organisations, each expert in our own fields, who work collaboratively to provide the best possible financial services and advice to our clients. This group includes M+S Group Accounting, Pinnacle Financial Planning and M+S Insurance Broker Service.

It was important to create an overall theme for all of our brands, so that the relationship between our group of organisations could be easily understood. But at the same time, each individual organisation needed to be able to stand alone.


Our new logos

Our new visual identity features multiple overlayed circular shapes. These softly curving shapes help to identify our services as warm and welcoming, whilst the overlaying is representative of the collaborative environment that we operate in.

Each brand is then indiviualised through the use of colour and a custom abstracted icon design that represents each field of expertise. M+S Group Accounting features the design of a graph, representative of financial growth; Pinnacle Financial Planning features a mountain peak, representative of reaching one’s full financial potential; and M+S Insurance Broker Service features a shield, representative of offering a sense of protection.

The look is meaningful, professional and contemporary.

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